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What my readers have to say...

Usha Uthup

Popular Indian pop, filmi, jazz, and playback singer and Padmashree recipient

“One thing that I just can't get my eyes off is the wonderful illustrations. The stories are beautiful and has a message and deep meaning to it. The characters have been etched beautifully, worked around and it shows. There are some sadness in the first two stories but they open your eyes to a different dimension of life and the approach is wonderful. I wish you all the success with this book and am looking forward to the next ones.”


Tanusree Shankar 

Famous Indian dancer and choreographer

“Being a dancer, good art always attracts me. When I saw Nita’s book I was enthralled to find her stories in a comic book format. Reading this amalgamation of illustrations with such interesting short stories was a magical experience I will never forget. Urban Chronicles series have become my favourite and I will look forward to reading them.”

Alokananda Roy 

Eminent Dancer, Social Activist & Changemaker

"Leafing through Urban Chronicles by Nita Bajoria I went back to my childhood and teenage days. It's such an incredibly thought provoking graphic novel. It's quite gripping, and the illustrations add a further dimension to the book. I enjoyed it so much that I lost track of time and read it in two days. On many levels, I was able to relate with the characters and the three stories in it will surely stay with me for many, many years. "

Dona Ganguly

Indian Dancer

"In every Women's life comes a time when she questions her path in life. This book is about two such women and their  gripping journey to find their identities. Very few authors in India attempt to write about sports person or a tea pluckers life. Bravo to Nita who choose these subjects. Loved the story layout and found a pleasant mix of Sports and Romance. "

Christine Coutinho

"I compliment and congratulate the author of Urban Chronicles Volume 3, Nita Bajoria for her perception in drawing out values from simple life situations through attractive depictions. Urban Chronicles Volume 3 has three meaningful and captivating stories in each of which the author gets the reader involved; the book is truly ‘unputdownable’. Narrations from the lives of women bring out important values, especially wherein elections made influence their own lives and that of others; these inspire the reader to ponder and evaluate thoughts and actions prior to decision-making. It is the fruit of these reflections that will go a long way in the personal transformation of the reader towards a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. My wish and prayer for the author is that she continues to share such parables that will mold lives."

Oindrilla Dutta

Famous moderator and executive director (Open Doors)

“In an age where time is a luxury and the reading habit is receding, graphic stories make messages easier to communicate. Nita Bajoria keeps it simple, with her empathetic and perspicacious view of life - a humane approach, even in criminality, that can forge unexpected bonds; living your dream every moment, without being burdened by the expectation of others (especially relevant in these times of loss due to Covid); finding yourself and others through rekindled relationships.”

Nandana Sen

Indian-born American actress

“The Casket is a beautifully woven story about solidarity, about two dauntless heroines who enable and celebrate each other’s dreams; it is about the choice every woman faces between abiding by social expectations or following her deepest passion.  A book that is intergenerational, intrepid, inspiring.”

Anurag Garg


“Urban Chronicles is a very well-written and perfectly illustrated book. I was hooked right from the beginning as the author has beautifully crafted all the characters with a intriguing stories. The book surely takes you to an enchanting journey. This was my first graphic novel and I must say it's imaginative, fascinating and thrilling. Cheers to the author for this wonderful effort!”

Doug Turnbull

Award winning science fiction author, USA

“The newest entry in the library of science fiction novels about Mars written over the last century and a quarter, is by Indian author Nita Bajoria. I highly recommend this interesting novel if for no other reason, then that it is different from the usual gadget driven, technology obsessed, or pure fantasy fare that is, in my view, all too common in science fiction today. MS Bajoria’s characters are real, fully developed human beings with all the complexities and contradictions that accompany their humanity. The reader will enjoy meeting them.”

Anjali Mittal


“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the beautiful language. The author has touched on a topic that we choose to ignore - the mass extinction of the human race, and the importance of exploring the possibility of setting up home on another planet. Dr. Albert Tyorkin starts experimenting such a mission, and the book takes us through the trials and tribulations of setting up the project, choosing the participants as well as dealing with objections from the media. By entwining the stories of the characters which are selected from different countries and backgrounds for this mission, Nita Bajoria has kept the reader engaged by their different backstories and reasons for wanting a one-way ticket to another planet. Touching and gripping.”

"A charming story set in a futuristic world, allowing the reader to appreciate the value of books. The author shows a juxtaposition between the two worlds as her story weaves between old and new. A story about trust and friendship."

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